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Technology Advisory & Consulting

OP's vertical and technology experts partner with clients to evaluate, implement, and realize their business and technology strategies.

Strategy Advisory

Our strategy advisory focuses on assisting you with high level technology decisions that can drive superior profits and give you a competitive advantage. Our technology leaders can help you steer clear of the hype and serve as your innovation accelerators. 


Our consultants apply years of industry experience, best practices and proven architecture principles, to design highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, and scaleable systems in flexible delivery models. 

A robust business capability driven approach to digital transformation lies at the center of every engagement at OP.  Strategic evaluation of your core assets including people, processes, and technology begins top-down continuously ensuring end-to-end alignment throughout execution.


Uplift your IT systems to a true cloud-ready architecture before you migrate to a public cloud operating model.  Go beyond lift-and-shift to achieve true and wholistic enterprise digital transformation. 

Data & Analytics

Draw insights from your data sources, identifying trends, patterns, and convert them into actionable strategies for growth and competitive advantage. 



Cyber security, risk assessments, application/cloud/data security, identity & access management.

Systems Integration

Bespoke design, architecture, and delivery oversight of enterprise  applications.

App Modernization

Generate new business value from your legacy systems by updating them with modern features and capabilities. 

DevOps & Agile 

Transform from traditional models into a continuous improvement and continuous delivery organization.

IoT, Mobility

Expand the possibilities for improving customer experiences, create operational efficiencies, or introduce new digital business models. 


Connected Cars

Leverage the latest in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technologies to realize capabilities such as remote diagnostics and smart maintenance.

Enterprise Apps

ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, Knowledge Management. Evaluation, design and implementation.  

Innovation Engines

Autonomous Machines

Autonomous systems and machines are shaping product solutions, services, and disrupting current business models. They have become cornerstones for transformational growth.  

Digital Transformation

We can help shift operational models and business elements to a more advanced level of technology adoption to create new revenue streams and realize greater efficiencies. 

Cognitive Computing

Leverage machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, NLP and sentiment analysis to assist in your decision making process. 

Blockchain & Smart contracts

Explore models to digitally facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract in a self-executing and self-enforcing format. All as trackable, and irreversible  transactions, achieved at super secure levels via decentralization.