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The front line is the bottom line.

The OrangePeople Way

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Founder and CEO

Putting people first.

Thirteen years ago, we set out to create an effective technology advisory and consulting services firm providing exceptional service at incredible value. Our goal was to create a lean model that accelerated value realization for all stakeholders while pushing the envelope on technology adoption and business innovation.

Today, our team is partnering with some of the world's greatest brands to reach, understand, and serve their customers better. Our services are as diverse as the clients we work with – digital transformation, creation of data-driven revenue streams and operations optimization.

Our very capable technical teams are driven not by technology, but by human values and ethics. Our success lies in effectively engaging as change agents. Key questions like: Is it right for the client? Is it right for our team? Is it ethical? Is it something we are willing to be held accountable for? Is it the right thing to do? all enable us to champion change and transformation while putting people first.

This approach is guided by two foundational principles deeply inspired and greatly fortified by years of partnership with Toyota: respect for everyone and kaizen (continuous improvement). By treating everyone with utmost respect, we strive to amplify engagement, to foster knowledge sharing, and to inspire win-win scenarios. We then apply teamwork best practices to create a healthy, vibrant, and productive work environment.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships, serviced large client IT portfolios, created hundreds of jobs, supported our local public service organizations and even made a difference in children's lives across the world as founding members of UNICEF USA's Guardian Circle.

Our inclusion in the Inc 500||5000 honoree list, for five straight years, is a compelling attestation to the alignment of interests and values that we share with our clients.

Our journey has only just begun. Our vision is to continuously earn our clients’ trust by being the most people-centric technology advisory and consulting firm. This vision is not a target state but a state of kaizen. While we continue to position our clients for tomorrow's markets, we will strive to maintain focus on the human element. We will strive to realize our vision by putting people first. Always.


That is the OrangePeople way.

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