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Mr. CISO, did you adopt FIDO? 

Hacker proof your enterprise 

Passwords are not safe!

Most data breaches are linked to stolen or compromised user passwords - as many as 80%.  Data breaches and cybersecurity crimes continue despite increasingly complex passwords, anti-phishing tools and user awareness training. Users continue to re-use personal passwords in a corporate environment. These personal passwords aren’t protect by the security and anti-phishing investments made by corporations.

FIDO does not use passwords.

Organizations that adopt FIDO reduce or eliminate passwords from their organization. FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) is an alliance supported by technology leaders (Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc.) creating the world’s largest ecosystem for standards-based, interoperable authentication. They have defined the UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) and U2F (Universal Second Factor) standards which use biometrics and physical tokens to simply and securely authenticate users to their devices which then authenticate to the website or web service. The user never has to use, re-use or remember a password!

We can help.

Whether you need to secure corporate or customer identities, we can help!  We have over 10 years of security experience and can evaluate your readiness for FIDO adoption and create a roadmap for implementation. We identify and analyze your user profiles, data and platforms to determine which would benefit the most from FIDO standards.  Ask us about our data classification and identity prioritization services to get started.

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